What is the Bude-Stratton Neighbourhood Plan?

Bude-Stratton Neighbourhood Plan is an opportunity for local people to have an impact on the type of issues that impact on their own community.

Whilst the plan is about land use planning: housing, business, green space, leisure facilities, these sorts of things; it provides an opportunity for local people and organisations to develop their own ideas about the place where they live, work and visit and for these ideas to become part of (the still being developed) Cornwall Local Plan; the primary governing document for planning in the local area.

Is this plan likely to have any impact on Local Planning?

Neighbourhood Planning has, at its core, government legislation and support.  The Localism Act, passed at the end of 2011 was followed by a series of of Regulations supporting the development of Neighbourhood Plans.  Cornwall Council have to follow this guidance and it provides an opportunity for communities to guide planning in their own areas.

How is this different from the Community-led plan that was undertaken a few years ago?

The Neighbourhood Plan is specifically about land use planning.  The Community-led plan was about a much wider set of issues.  The Neighbourhood Plan has, behind it a set of regulations and rules cheap propecia online uk which the Community-led plan did not.  The Neighbourhood Plan will contain a set of policies which will become part of the planning documents that guide planning decisions; the Community-led plan contained a set of actions for the community (and others) to undertake.

These are very important differences but, that said, there are very strong links between the two.  A lot of the information that the Community-led plan contained has been picked up by the Neighbourhood Plan and moved forward.

Who develops the Neighourhood Plan?

The Neighbourhood Plan is very much a document developed by the local Community.  A Steering Group was set up (made up of the Town Council and a range of other partners) and they engaged a specialist companies to help them move the project on.  We also receive help and support from Cornwall Council who, after all, will be using the plan to guide planning decisions.

Who is paying for the plan?

Whilst there is a massive amount of voluntary effort in developing the plan, there are still costs associated with it; The Town Council is paying for the production of the plan, either through their own funds or money they have been able to raise through grants.