Draft Consultation

This page focuses on the statutory consultation phase of the Bude-Stratton Neighbourhood where the local community were asked to comment on the Draft Plan which ended in mid-September 2015, allowing extra time for people away on holiday to be able to comment.

We had been looking for comments to be made on the policies themselves as these will be central to informing planning decisions about Bude-Stratton in the future and so these were set out in an online and paper survey as well as representations being asked for from a set of statutary consultees.  The policies themselves had been built directly on the earlier community consultation on issues from 800+ community respondents.

In summary, we had the following response:

  • Public consultation – 331 online buy cheap generic pills responses (this number also includes the paper responses) plus 4 long letter responses, which represents 855 detailed comments
  • Statutory consultees – Cornwall Council (14 pages making 48 separate points, a range of agencies (15 comments), 1 developer

These comments have now been analysed to inform the final version of the plan which can be seen on The Plan Page.  The comments went to the Steering Group in mid October for discussion and agreement.  This final version went to Bude-Stratton Town Council on 3rd December for agreement that the plan should be submitted to Cornwall Council; this was agreed.

After many months of work, and a “yes” at referendum on 4th May 2017, the plan will be put into force.